Title I

Dear Families,

In grades K-5, we are fortunate to have Instructional Specialists to support high achievement in reading and mathematics for all students. Reading and math

intervention provides additional targeted instruction and support in reading and mathematics for students who score below grade level on our state and local assessments. This support may take place right within the classroom, in collaboration with the teacher. It can also occur in a separate setting, within a small group.

The instruction that is provided by the Instructional Specialist is in addition to the reading and mathematics instruction that is already provided in the classroom. It is meant to support and reinforce the instruction that is provided by the classroom teacher by reinforcing prior skills and concepts and through the pre-teaching of upcoming content.

If you would like more information about our reading and math intervention program, please call us at the Vassalboro Community School at 923-3100, or contact your child’s classroom teacher for specific information regarding your child's learning,


Carol Kiesman, Director of Curriculum
Sonya Laramee, Instructional Specialist
Hollie Pelletier, Instructional Specialist